IV Infusions

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IV Infusions services offered in Tomball, TX

Your body needs certain vitamins and minerals to support your immune system, produce energy, and function at its best. Richard Pedroza, MD, at AGP Family Health Clinic in Tomball, Texas, offers IV infusions to treat health problems that affect your well-being. Telehealth consultations are available to ensure you get the care you need to stay healthy and thrive in your everyday life. Call the office or book an IV infusion appointment online today to learn more about specialized care for your health and wellness needs.

What are IV infusions?

IV infusions, also known as IV therapy, allows your body to receive a precise dose of vitamins and minerals by infusing them directly into your bloodstream. IV infusions are an ideal way to meet the nutritional requirements your body needs to thrive.

With oral supplements, your digestive tract only absorbs a small amount of nutrients while the rest is eliminated through your body’s natural processes. Certain health conditions can also affect nutrient absorption.  

IV infusions at AGP Family Health Clinic are the quickest and most effective way to restore nutritional deficiencies for improved health and well-being. 

When might I need IV infusions?

Even if you eat a healthy, balanced diet, it can still be challenging to meet your minimum daily requirements for specific nutrients. 

You can also develop a deficiency if you have a stress lifestyle or you’ve fallen ill or obtained an injury. Some types of exercises and fitness pursuits can also lead people to seek IV infusions to restore their energy. 

IV infusions contain a mix of different nutrients. The customized nutrients in your treatment plan can help with certain health conditions.

Depending on the infusion you receive, your IV cocktail can help with:

  • Decreasing inflammation
  • Increasing energy
  • Improving your gut health
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Supporting your metabolism
  • Improving athletic performance
  • Accelerating wound healing
  • Restoring hydration 
  • Enhancing skin health
  • Overcoming illness

To develop your IV therapy plan, your practitioner reviews your medical history and discusses your symptoms. They may order bloodwork to determine your levels of deficient nutrients.

How do IV infusions work?

At AGP Family Health Clinic, your IV infusion is customized to meet your health and wellness needs. Your infusion may contain any mix of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in the dose you need.

When you come into the office for your session, your practitioner inserts a needle into a vein in your arm with a tube that attaches to your personalized IV infusion. As the nutrients flow into your bloodstream, you can relax comfortably or sleep. After your IV therapy, you can return to your normal activities for the day.

To learn more about IV infusions, call AGP Family Health Clinic or book an appointment online today. For patient convenience, the practice offers telemedicine visits and welcomes you to schedule an online consultation.